Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Standing Desks For Programming

I caught on to the standing desk craze a couple weeks ago and decided I just had to have one... but nothing on craigslist really caught my fancy. Sure, someone was selling the legendary Ikea Jerker for $200, but I admit it: I'm cheap! After looking at some drafting tables and custom shelving-type solutions, I decided to just use something I already had:

Ok, ok, so it's a bookcase. So what? It works great.

I use the lower shelf as a footrest (essential, by the way), so it might need to be reinforced, but for now it's just fine.

The standing pose is nice; it really makes me feel like I'm attacking a project, rather than wallowing in it. When I'm frustrated I can walk around the room rather than just sit and stew in my own mirth. Walking away is very natural and I often do it without consciously deciding to. Even better, the slight discomfort from standing makes me less likely to be distracted by the web.

The first few days were pretty painful on my feet and lower back, but by now I've pretty much adapted. I can even pace around a little bit while I'm reading an article (but don't try that with a TN panel display!)

An unexpected benefit: much more effective digestion.

Now I worry about getting a job where I don't have the option to stand...


  1. How's the standing desk working out for you?

  2. Yes I was going to ask just the same things. Some articles have gone around the web about standing web, it must be popular again ;-)

    Did you stick to it and how long / why did you stop. I'm thinking of doing it 50-50%.

  3. Ha, I missed the 1 year anniversary of my standing "desk". Yes, I'm using it right now.

    50/50% standing/sitting is a good split. I got a $20 36" stool with footrest from IKEA which works fine when I want to sit down (early morning and night usually).

  4. Ha ha. I just convinced my boss to let me switch to a standing desk at work. The next day, a new hire said: "hey, I want to do that as well!" Now there's two of us who stand and work.

    Here's my process for building a standing desk from Ikea parts: